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Rebuke the Devil and he shall flee from you


When God created men in his own image, he blessed him and gave him dominion over every creature Genesis 1 vs. 28-29. God actually told the men to replenish the earth and subdue it, which means we have been given authority to control, command, rebuke and even manipulate every living thing on earth and earth itself. So earth and everything upon it are our blessings from God.

Adam was given power to give names to every blessing that God had blessed him with, but we see that with no time his blessings caused him to sin, he disobeyed God. Genesis chapter 3 vs. 1 says, “Now the serpent was more subtil than beast of the field which the lord God had made. And he said unto the woman, ye hath God said, ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? And the woman said we can it all but not the tree which is in the middle of the garden, neither shall ye touch it les ye die. Now in verse 4 the serpent goes on to say YE SHALL NOT SURELY DIE:

What follows here we see exactly were men loses his authority and power. Every power that God has given him to rule, control, replenish the earth every living thing was lost here. Adam was controlled, instructed and by his blessings and sinned to God. Adam replied, the blessing which thou gavest me gave me the tree and I did eat, Eve also blamed the snake which she was given power to rule.

God blessed us or gave us so much blessings that we use them wisely and skilfully but the very blessings causes us to sin. The blessing of God will tell you something, instruct you not to obey God, will tell you to listen to them, love them, and care for them more rather than God. Your own wife, a great blessing from God will tell you, eat and YE SHALL NOT DIE. Sometimes we spend the whole day on Saturday washing our cars, come Sunday morning we are late to church or we are tired we can’t be bothered to wake up in the morning and go to worship our God the same God who have blessed with the same car. Some women prefer to spend the day on Sunday or what ever day you may have been invited to fellowship, give an excuse that I need to tidy my house and do my washing forgetting the very God who blessed with that house. The way you love your wife, your car, your new house, your job, the devil can make you suffer for it. He will tell you if you lose this job you will not get any other job as this, as if he is the one who gave you in the beginning.

We ought to be very careful!! When God blesses us he does not do it that we may disobey him or sin but because he loves us. Eating the fruit was an act of disobedience to God’s command which leads to death or nakedness. When Adam and Eve had sinned they had to cover themselves with leaves, in other words they were trying to cover death with leaves which symbolises weak, or temporary things, for sooner or later the leaves were going to drop down and leave them naked again, or dying.

I have seen people when they divorce, they will go and buy nice cars or a houses just to comfort and hide their anxiety. Covering themselves from people for their shame. Some, mostly men will go and look for a nice young woman just for the latter. Some when they have sinned, they even change their number, stop going to church or sometimes relocate and some they even change their look. One thing I will share with you is, you can’t cover death or nakedness with the latter. The wisdom of men is foolishness to God. That nice car, nice house, or nice woman will make you fulfil your destiny which is to die, they will kill you. The ways of men are temporary and they will drop down like leaves.

Adam forgot that all along obedience has been covering him. Deception before God will not take you anywhere; sooner or later you will be seen naked. Every secret shall be revealed and my brother/ my sister God will soon find you in the garden with those leaves on.

Jesus himself had his own blessings, power and authority. Some of his blessings amongst many were his disciples who followed him, preached the word with him, healed the sick etc. Jesus was given instructions by God just like Adam. But the difference is that Jesus did not give in to the Devil. He also went to the garden but now it was of Gethsemane. We see here the devil using the same tactics, one of Jesus `s blessings, friend, follower Peter ba Johna in whom he had power and authority over him. But he told him he must not die. If Jesus did not die he would not have fulfilled his mission or he would have disobeyed God. But he resisted the devil and we see him rebuking Peter as the devil behind him. A good Lesson here is Jesus had to make sure all the desires of flesh had to die, deception, disobedience or sin in general.

Someone needs to resist the devil out there for he will always flee when you resist him. James 4 vs. 7 and 8. Let’s not hide from God for he is the only one who can cleanse all our sins and iniquities.


God bless you

Pastor S. Dube